Personal Injury Claims

Don't Trust the Insurance Company

Personal Injury Claims arise out of many different situations; automobile collisions, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, defective products, etc.  One thing all such claims have in common is that one must prove some form of fault by a third party or company.  It is not enough to simply suffer damages.

Another thing that all such claims have in common is that the liable third party is usually covered by insurance.  Thus, while you might be making a claim against an individual, the actual entity "on the hook" is an insurance company.  In this circumstance, INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!  Insurance companies that insure a party who has injured you owe no duty to you to be fair.  Without representation, they will seek to talk you into a settlement that is as low as possible.  If you have any kind of non-trivial injury or damages, it is a big mistake to settle a claim on your own without at least consulting an attorney. 

Automobile collisions can change your life.  The inability to work, medical expenses, the additional stress of being in pain, being unable to sleep, can be a huge burden on you and your family.  An attorney can help you get medical care even if you are uninsured in many cases.  This will allow you to get on your feet and back to work.

An attorney will analyze your case, determine if you have a good liability case, and help you obtain appropriate compensation for damages such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and others.  A good attorney will also investigate other sources of recovery such as your own uninsured automobile insurance.  He or she can advise on how best to proceed if you have "double coverage" of some losses; for example if you have Med-Pay through your auto insurance and also health insurance.

Generally, this office will offer to represent personal injury claimants on a "contingency" basis; that is, your attorney's fee is based upon a percentage of the amount of your recovery.  Usually, no payment is required until the case is settled out of court or there is a payment on a judgment resulting from a trial.

Driving is dangerous.  Even if you are a perfect driver, the inattentive, careless, texting, intoxicated or distracted driver can cause you injuries that can affect you the rest of your life.  In such a case, you deserve fair compensation.  Trust your case to an attorney who has tried and settled over a hundred of these matters.  Call or email me today for a free consultation on your claim.

Received from client on 5/16.  Policy limits settlement on third party claim as well as uninsured motorist claim.

Received from client on 5/16.  Policy limits settlement on third party claim as well as uninsured motorist claim.

“I hired Jeff during a lawsuit against an insurance company a few years ago. He explained everything very well, kept me up to date, did everything he said he would and was very ethical. I have recommended him and would use him again”.
— N.U., Louisville, CO
“Jeff Skovron has been a great attorney to work with. I’ve appreciated very much his professionalism, valuable counsel, and communication along the way with my claims. Jeff always did an excellant job of responding to my calls, text, and e-mails the same day. All of my questions were responded to within 24 hours even when he was out of town. This was very important to me to know what was going on along the way.
I never once felt like I couldn’t ask questions or request up-dates. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jeff’s services again. The final results of my 2 claims were much much more than I ever expected.”
— K.R., Fort Collins, CO
I am super thankful I was referred to Jeff Skovron through my employers EAP program. I was getting no where with the car insurance companies regarding an accident that injured me and totaled my vehicle. As soon as Jeff began to represent me, I was getting the answers to my questions, and was being talked through the steps of a foreign process to me. I felt at ease knowing I had a good person representing me who was also getting the job done. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for support during the nightmares of trying to settle an incident. He was fantastic! Not to mention he was flexible with my schedule, and was able to help me even without me traveling to his office all the time. I am happy I had Jeff to guide me through and get things settled.
— A.R., Fort Collins, CO
Jeff, if you’d like to use my name as a reference, I’d be glad to give you a glowing endorsement to anyone considering your services.

I felt like I was in good hands. Thanks so much!

Mitchell, Boulder, CO