Commercial Litigation

Cost Effective Solutions to Individual and Business Disputes.

Being a member of modern society means that one enters into a huge number of transactions over a lifetime.  Everyone is subject to numerous contracts, e.g. leases, cell phone, cable, etc.  Disputes arise in some small percentage of these contracts.

Furthermore, many people make their living through business transactions.  Again, deals are negotiated, contracts are signed, and promises are made.  What happens when those promises are broken?

In the old west, such disputes might be handled by a six-shooter.  In modern society, lawsuits are often necessary to enforce one's rights.  Many commercial disputes are legally highly technical and demand an experienced attorney to protect the interests of the client.

Types of disputes might include disputes between partners in a partnership, a real estate deal gone sour, collecting a judgment, suing for payment on goods delivered but not paid for, foreclosing upon real estate or personal property due to a breach of a payment obligation, and/or pursuing a claim in bankruptcy court.  Every type of dispute is subject to various statutes, case law and defenses which require a smart and tenacious lawyer to navigate.

If you have such a dispute, it's important to choose your attorney carefully.  It can make the difference between a successful outcome or the substantial cost of a lawsuit to no avail.  If a claim is developing for or against you, or if you have been served with a lawsuit, please call me to discuss the matter.

Jeff is a great person and attorney! Jeff helped me with a business dispute that we made every attempt to settle, but which eventually required arbitration, court time and extensive collection efforts. Jeff was great at helping me understand and deal with the processes, and was a master of the law and working with all of the players involved. We ultimately won our case and collected what was owed to me. I can’t thank Jeff enough for how he helped me”!
— F.H., Boulder, CO
“The “Excellent” rating says it all! I recently hired Jeff to assist me in the sale of my business, and he couldn’t have done a better job. The sale went as smoothly as possible, and Jeff was great to work with. He deserves my highest recommendation”.
— T.L. Colorado Springs, CO
Jeff , once again you prove that there are good people in this world, thank you so much for being the person you are.
— B.L.