Family Law

Help through the simplest and most complex situations. 

Divorce is an emotionally painful and difficult matter.  The emotions eventually fade, but the legal matters decided in a divorce can last forever.  An attorney's job is to develop and analyze all facts, determine all potential options and likely outcomes, and clearly explain them to the client.   It is important for the client to clearly understand all of the above so that he or she can make confident decisions

Every legal matter, and client, is different.  The experience of the firm is key to determining the specifics of each case and determining how best to proceed to get the results you want.  Our goal is to explain the lawclearly, advise how a Court might apply the law to the facts in your case, provide the client with every pleading, correspondence or contact as soon as it is received, and be available day or night to answer your questions.

Please contact us today for a consultation.  We provide representation in all types of family law matters, including but not limited to:

Simple or complex divorces, low or high asset cases, or disputes over child custody, child support and/or maintenance;

Divorces involving either enforcing pre-nuptial ("marital") agreements;and arrangements and other important matters;

Obtaining or defending claims for alimony ("Maintenance"); and

Prosecuting or defending post divorce matters such as modification of parenting time, modification of child support or re-opening a property division award.

When possible, the best resolutions are those that are agreed upon by the parties themselves.  These agreements are often arrived at through the mediation process.  This reduces legal fees, avoids the stress of Court, and eliminates the possibility of a Judge, who is meeting the parties for the first time at their trial, determining very personal issues such as the living situation of the parties' children, and imposing his or her judgment on very limited information.  Our firm is committed, as a first option, to explore settlement of these matters, and will guide you through the process as well as advise you on the fairness and appropriateness of any proposed settlement.  We will also draft an agreement which is clear, enforceable and properly reflects the intent of the parties.

Inadequate representation in a divorce can have lifetime consequences.  Choose your representation wisely!  Skilled representation can ameliorate the financial and emotional toll a divorce can take. 


“Jeff is a great guy to work with on a personal and professional level. He was always right on top of things and returned my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. He answered any questions I had and helped with paperwork that needed to be filled out and filed. He was very fair and willing to work with me, and gave me options to help save me money. Jeff is a stand up guy and the reason my daughter was able to remain with me in Colorado”.
— R.G., Broomfield, CO
“Jeff Skovron has been an invaluable asset helping my family and I resolve parenting plan and child support issues from my former marriage.
Jeff is very thorough, competent and responsive.
I am very satisfied with Jeff’s counsel and I have nothing but good things to say!”
— S.W., Denver, CO
“I was referred to Jeff for my divorce and I’m so glad I called him. I felt like he heard me and respected by wishes while also providing me sound counsel. Getting divorced is stressful, but it was done quietly and quickly for which I am grateful”.
— B.G., Lafayette, CO
“I worked with Jeff Skovron in 2012 and found him to be straightforward,
realistic, honest, and professional. He handled my case efficiently and maintained
on-going communication throughout the process. I would use him again in a heartbeat and I do refer others whenever possible”.
— N.U., Louisville, CO
April 19, 2017
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to take an opportunity to recommend Jeffrey L. Skovron (Jeff) as an adept and professional Attorney-at-Law. I worked with Jeff regarding some highly complicated matters with my ex-husband and our children. While these matters were difficult for me and highly sensitive in nature, Jeff handled them all with ease.
Jeff never ceased to amaze me with his strong knowledge about the complex laws related to divorce, child custody and financial support issues; he was an incredible source of pertinent information which instilled confidence in me for my legal case.
Jeff’s professionalism is unmatched. He treated me and my case seriously and as if it was his only one. In addition, Jeff spoke to me like I was a human being and not just another client; he was empathetic to my concerns and feelings while guiding me through the complexities of the legal system. This is so valuable and a trait I truly appreciate. During the several months of legal proceedings I endured, Jeff continuously kept me updated through phone calls, emails and meetings. He also reminded me to stay positive and his assertiveness enabled me to gain a strong trust in him.
Jeff is intelligent and insightful while maintaining his own style as a lawyer who possesses strong convictions about legal equity. Jeff will always do his best to be a positive force who promotes fairness for any future clients he chooses to represent. I respect Jeff immensely and highly recommend him as an Attorney.
With Gratitude and Sincerity,

— B. L. C.
Thank you for all of your hard work and understanding Jeff. It has been a pleasure to work with you and you will be the first person I call if I ever need anything else from this situation or another. Have a great Christmas and New year.
— Z.W.
Five Stars! I found working with him to always be calm, thoughtful and professional. I’ve recommended him to some of my own friends.
— B.G.
Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you have done for me, it was a pleasure working with you!
— T.T.
Thank you so much for all of your help, Jeff!! The last year has been a whirlwind of change and it was so nice to have you there backing me up through all of it. I’m so glad Brooke recommended you and I couldn’t have asked for more from you.

As far as feedback... you were completely on top of your game, you were so professional with all parties concerned. You have a good-natured attitude. You never seemed malign or bias but very to the point, generally neutral and willing to see both sides in order to relay me good information and advice. You were efficient and it seemed you did most of the work on this case, as opposed to K. who seemed to completely be guided by you. Understandable with your years of experience and her inexperience.

You are a wonderful person and attorney and I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a referral in the future.

Thank you!!

Thank YOU for all of your help!!!
I will recommend you to anyone needing an attorney. You were fantastic. Thanks again :)
— B.R.
I really can’t speak to how much I appreciate your help with everything.

Christmas with S was so special and amazing. knowing that there are more visits to come Is the highlight of my life and of S’s too. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.

You were really good about keeping costs low and considering alternative routes. I feel really blessed to have had you as my lawyer.

Thank you so much for all of your help. You were a pleasure to work with. I’m glad this all worked out.

Hi Jeff I wanted to thank you and let you know Erin and I just paid off the invoice you sent me. Thank you for helping me and us through this long process I would recommend you to others looking for a honest and up front lawyer. Thanks again and I also am sending a picture of J., E. and myself.
Thank you for working with me on this, it was a difficult time and you helped make it easier. I truly appreciate your patience with me.
Thank you
— R.K.
Thank you for your guidance and help through this and so much more. T. and I consider you a friend and we have so much respect for you. Thank you so much for making this affordable for us! You are the best!
— S.C.